Hector’s Theodicy: Canto 0

In the beginning, was the Word. The Word was alone. In the infinite, unknowable place before time existed, the Word existed and it was the only existence.  The Word knew nothing other than Itself because there was nothing but Itself.  The story begins here. The story ends here. This is the only story that ever […]

“You Kinda Get Used To It”

After ten days touring Germany and Switzerland with a chattering group of  Chinese middle schoolers, I needed a vacation from my vacation.  Kids are great, but sheep herding is pretty tedious work.  They got on a plane to go back to China, and I slept in.  The plan initially was that an English friend of […]

Romance, Time, and Other Useless Things

Romance really is what you make it, I suppose.  I spent a lot of my life sipping from the romance Kool-aid, and I’ve gotten pretty shitty on it in my time.  The stuff is genuinely intoxicating.  The idea that we are all part of this universe that is ripe with meaning, and as humans, we […]

Shenzhen Diaries #7? There And Back Again… Again…

Yeah, so I’m not dead. I just really fell of hard writing the blog about this time last year.  I went on break to Beijing, Taiwan, Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam.  Sorry that I got a little distracted.  Then again, it’s not distraction when you come back to school and you don’t continue writing to your […]