[EPR] Denise 1

Denise wondered if the fabric of the universe was like crochet.  Yarn comes in a ball.  A complete, condensed fabric with infinite potential to construct reality. Raw, one dimensional material that can be doubled over on itself to two, and then again to three, and once more to four.  

These shapes interacting with one another could create meaning and semblance to things we know in our human world, but aren’t they just shadows from the dimension above it. By weaving and tying are we actually working in a higher dimension and impressing ourselves with the leavings? How high does it go? She wondered. Is God up there? Or does it loop back around like her crochet.  

Denise thought it would make a good giraffe, so she fetched the spots and the plastic eyes.  

“I love it,” said Biggie Smalls.  “Your best one yet?”

“You think so?” said Denise.  “I feel like that walrus last week really raised the bar.”

“I wasn’t a fan of the walrus,” said Pickle Pants. “This long necked horse is far superior.”

“You always support me, PP,”  Denise said, smiling at her work. 

Her cats were her world. They were all the friends and family she needed. And with 127 friends and family, there was never a dull moment. 

She loved her life.  Her income was largely taken care of by online shopping for elderly or answering surveys. That was enough to feed her family. Her real passion was crocheting and making stylized key chains. Along with her handy employee discount, her grocery store would even deliver, so she never even had to leave. Her local delivery man was named Nick and he came to visit every Wednesday. 

He was really the only human Denise came in contact with, or for that matter wanted to.  Good thing he’s so cute, she would giggle to herself.  As a matter of fact, she recalled the amazing conversation she had with him earlier this week.

Oh hello Nick, lovely meeting you here! She thought to herself, chuckling.

“Um,” Nick said through the small crack in the door.  He was so considerate. He knew the world was dangerous and she couldn’t let the germs in, so he didn’t mind staying away from her eand speaking through a crack in the door. “Hi. I have your… um… cat food and granola bars here.”

Oh goodness me, she thought. You truly are a riot, Nicholas. We should really do lunch sometime.

Carl looked really uncomfortable.  “Should I just leave it here on the stoop?”

You dog, she thought with a menacing smile. You know I want to say yes, but I am a proper lady. You do have to woo me a bit, first.

“Okay, so you’re smiling,” he laughed nervously. “I’m assuming that means yes, so I’m, uh,  just going to leave this here.”

Oh, you truly are a romantic gentleman.

“Cool, so I’m, uh, going to leave now,” he paused and started backing away.  “Um, bye.”

Tata then. Hate to see you go, love to watch you leave and all that.  She dragged her package in and slammed the door loudly to let him know she was thinking about him.

“You’re going to get him someday,” said Candy Island Mystery Tour.  

“I appreciate that, Candy,” Denise said blushing slightly. 

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