Hector’s Theodicy: Canto 0

In the beginning, was the Word. The Word was alone. In the infinite, unknowable place before time existed, the Word existed and it was the only existence.  The Word knew nothing other than Itself because there was nothing but Itself.  The story begins here. The story ends here. This is the only story that ever […]

A Wild Prologue Appears!

Yes, yes, and yes, ladies and gentlemen.  It is not an advertisement or some other new and odd form of procrastination, I actually have what I think is a publishable prologue. This is the first bit of my novel There Be Dragons(pend.) and I am super excited for my fiction writing to make its first […]

The Blog Awakens

Okay Ladies and Germs,   I have been a tad distracted with the monotony and constant neediness that a life requires in order to maintain itself.  I got a job teaching, and I am trying to do well at it, but that takes time. Time that has taken me away from my real job: writing. […]